The 4KEEPERS company was founded in 2009 by the goalkeeper Piotr Skiba who played in England. Initially, it dealt with the sale of football equipment of various brands. Reliability and professionalism resulted in cooperation with the Selsport brand, which we introduced to the Polish market, helping it become one of the most well-known brands of football equipment in Poland.

Several years of experience gathered in the industry as well as on the pitch caused that in 2014 there was a breakthrough in the company. We decided to take a step forward, meet the expectations of the most demanding bouncers. We have created our own glove brand which is 4KEEPERS!

Bearing in mind quality, comfort and design, we wanted to create gloves that could compete with recognized brands on the goalkeeper equipment market. We decided that by following the path of professionalism and the highest quality, we can provide our clients with a product that meets the highest requirements. You can see the results of our work today by choosing one of our gloves. We create professional equipment for you at the highest level. No compromises, no pretenses. We are with you from the first to the last minute, sometimes longer. Trust us, as did many professionals.

Our motto YOU ​​CAN FLY is a message for goalkeepers - that everyone can fly - because everything starts with dreams. We are the best proof of this, we came up with a shy dream and today we are here to give you professional equipment in the best technology. Hold strongly and secure!